About Us.

A little about us -

Welcome to The Bumpscene, where we offer the latest and greatest funny humorous Tee's for Expectant Mums and Dads along with most of the sayings available. We have an initial choice of Funny T shirts and Mugs for expectant Parents and Grand Parents, range of colours and sizes. See Collections

Please visit the Collections where you will see the full list of phrases( about 100 in the Mug Range) and the choice of products, Colours and sizes available. Please be aware that as your 'Bump' grows you want to bear this in mind when ordering a suitable size. Here at The Bump Scene we have (and are developing further) a range of Tee Shirts with Short (hopefully) Funny Phrases.   Some matching funny Mugs.

These are hopefully seen as light-hearted side of things, when really most of us recognise there are many sides of bearing a child which can be daunting at times.  There is always a funny side to life.

There will be some additional items to the range later to suit those with 'A Bump'.

Even if you do not see anything here to interest you- we, as mothers ourselves, wish you the very best for the future.

Both you and your children will have a beautiful life together with many precious times.

May we wish you all, a healthy and wealthy life.

Bringing this child into the world is one of Gods most precious gifts, that only a woman can do!

Please share this with a friend if you feel you can. Please keep revisiting to keep up to date with additional lines. Of course we have free postage to USA , where the items are all printed and for a very low additional cost of couple of $'s we ship worldwide.